About us

Who We Are?

After careful planning, study and research, the Abdullatif Al-Arfaj & Brothers Holding Co., invested in multimillion Saudi riyals to form the first and only state of the art pultrusion factory in Saudi Arabia and Middle East named Saudi Pultrusion Industries. Saudi Pultrusion Industries (SPI)  has brought in modern technology and machinery that manufacture Fiberglass Reinforced Composite Materials (FRP or GRP) which offer a combination of benefits and advantages not available in steel, aluminum or timber.

FRP profiles are now widely recognized and accepted in the engineering and construction field as an alternative replacement and substitute to the traditional materials where long term performance in an aggressive and corrosive environment is required. Because of their specific unique characteristics and properties pultruded profiles can be used in a wide range of applications.

SPI offers solution to the engineering design problem and high quality products that meet the ASTM and other international standards, hence the company has been awarded the EN ISO 9001:2000.

We provide our customers market advantage through innovative composite products.

We always place quality in the first position.

We pursue, evaluate and implement new ideas while we eliminate constraints.

We are open and honest about our successes, our failures and our business progress.

We focus on continuous learning in order to grow the business and promote from within.

Achieving customers’ satisfaction during design, production, assembly and Installation of Pultruded Profiles, Grating, and Supports, Handrail, Ladder and safety cages, fence, cable tray system, cooling tower components and strength member  of Fiber Optics as per their specification and requirements.

Continually improve the whole system to exceed customers’ expectations through measurement/comparison and taking necessary corrective activities accordingly. Precise elimination if the ISO 9001:2015 Quality management System.

Encouraging training and learning culture throughout the company.

Improving welfare and safety of the Employees.


Saudi Pultrusion Industries is a proud member of Abdullatif Al-Arfaj and Brothers Holding Company since 2002. You may visit the Al-Arfaj Holding official website through this link.


Why Choose us?


High Strength to Weight Ratio

Superior strength to weight ratio to steel or aluminum systems. It is highly resistant to fatigue, creep or permanent deformation.


Lightweight and Manageable

The pultruded fiberglass used has a specific gravity of one-fourth that of steel and two-thirds that of aluminum which considerably simplifies installation and handling.
Fiberglass can be used safely in electrical work areas. Special support conditions to prevent electrolytic corrosion is not required.


Chemical and Corrosion Resistance

The use of premium grade resins containing UV inhibitors and outer reinforcing continuous strand mat topped by a non-glass surfacing tissue, optimum protection against corrosion and weathering can be achieved. It resists a wide range of aggressive acids, salts, alkalis and other chemical environments which can be disastrous effect on metallic grating systems.


Transparent to Radio Frequency

Pultruded fiberglass does not interfere with electromagnetic and radio frequency transmissions. It can be safely applied in towers and other structures used in the transmission of such signals.



Fiberglass can be used safely in electrical work areas. Special support conditions to prevent electrolytic corrosion is not required.