Compare Materials
  • SPI's pultrusion process is the best and most cost-effective method for the production of lineal thermo set composites. SPI pultrusions have several advantages as a replacement for extruded aluminum, vinyl, wood or steel.

Manufacturing Material Comparisons

  SPI Pultrusions Extruded Aluminum Vinyl Wood Steel
*Wood expands due to moisture absorption.
**Wood is also susceptible to insects and mold.
Strength to Weight High High Low Low High
Thermal Conductivity Low High Low Low High
Expansion And Contraction Low High High Low* Medium
Corrosion And/or Chemical Resistance High Medium Medium Medium** Low
Electrical Conductivity Low High Low Low High

SPI's Pultruded Product Advantages vs. Aluminum

  • Superior insulation qualities: 600-800 times more thermally insulative
  • Dimensionally stable: 1/3 the expansion and contraction
  • Stronger: 50% more tensile strength
  • Lighter: 20% - 30% less weight
  • SPI's Pultruded Product Advantages vs. Vinyl

Dimensionally stable: 1/8 the expansion and contraction

  • Stronger and stiffer: 5 times more tensile strength than rigid vinyl; 15 times more flexural strength
  • No warping. Our pultrusions won't soften in the summer heat or get brittle in winter cold
  • SPI's Pultruded Product Advantages vs. Wood

Lower maintenance. Less upkeep than wood products

  • Stronger. Pultrusions have a much higher strength to weight ratio
  • No insect problems. Pultrusions are not a food source for termites, carpenter ants, etc.
  • SPI's Pultruded Product Advantages vs. Steel

Corrosion resistant. Pultrusions will not oxidize or corrode

  • Much lighter: 75% less weight
  • Better insulation qualities: 150-200 times more thermally insulative
  • Stronger: Up to 30% more tensile strength than mild steel